Here’s what happens if you eat only banana for 12 days

Many of today’s foods have harmful content, so it is very difficult for us to eat healthy. However, this girl has tried something new. He only ate bananas. Here’s what happened to him

Julia Tarbat, a nutritionist, decided that for 12 days she would only be fed with bananas, and the primary purpose of this experiment was, above all, detoxification of the organism. However, she wanted to prove her claim that bananas are sufficient quality food that can be consumed for a long period of time without any consequences for health,

First I noticed a great relief in stomach work, then I felt more relaxed, had no stress, I was more positive and more creative – Julia said.

After a few days I noticed that it was easier to concentrate and also to focus on everyday work. Her husband also joined her experiment and had no problem at all to consume bananas.

-I first had the highest level of blood sugar, problems with digestion, I was depressed, I had hormonal imbalance, I could not get pregnant … When I changed my food regime, everything went to its place, I gained even a boy – says Julia.


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